Reworked Website

EWT Website with a new look

Since 22nd of June 2018 we are happy to present the visitors of our reworked Website. With the swith to the Content Management System “WordPress” we go with the digital developments. Our entire online presence mobile responsive, whereby our smartphone and tablet using visitors enjoy a optimal surf experience.

New business areas

Besides the technical changes, we reworked and updated the content of our business activities short-sea shipping, inland shipping, forwarding and warehousing & handling. We also added pictures to visualize our services. Furthermore,  our visitors find interesting facts and information of our transport fleet, our activities in industrial services and inspections & (industrial) cleaning.

Additional new features

The Rhine water levels on our start page are updated automatically by means of the webservice of Pegelonline. Besides this, you find new pictures of our contact persons next to the contact details. In the section career we display our job vacancies. Via our new contact form you can contact us easily with your concerns. For our international visitors, partners and customers we provide our website further on in English.