Larger vehicle fleet in Lünen city harbour


EWT Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH offers the entire transport chain exactly according to customer requirements. The bottom line is: collection and delivery of goods as required, multimodal transhipment and interim storage in warehouses in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Growing demand

For more than three years, the Lünen location has been firmly established in the EWT supply chain. Open and covered storage areas for bulk goods are offered in the city harbour there. And this with growing demand.

In order to continue to be able to meet this demand in line with demand, the high-performance modern vehicle fleet at the Lünen city harbour location was expanded once again. The trucks, which are equipped with steel and aluminium troughs, are in operation around the clock in order to process the actual volume as required.

Continuous availability of contact persons 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensures optimum scheduling of transports and goods.

Additional services

Upon request, EWT experts can support the customer’s quality management. In this way, various parameters of the incoming and outgoing goods (e.g. pH content, grading curve, etc.) can be determined on site so that the goods can pass through the transport chain in the specification requested by the customer. In addition, EWT’s forwarding fleet, as a qualified partner, is equipped with the appropriate transport permits for waste transports.